Saturday, September 18, 2010


My brand new blog. All clean and bright. Well it was. I have now sullied it with my ramblings. My poor blog is a virgin no longer. She has now been deflowered. So the question remains, just what will this blog be about. The answer to that is actually really simple. I honestly have no idea. At this stage I am content to just let it evolve as it will. The great thing about evolution is that if it goes long enough it will form life. If I can keep this little blog going for just a few million years it may just turn into an multicelled organism. Then it can work its way up the ladder so that it can eventually start its own blog and create life anew. It may even start its first post by screaming “It’s Alive” like I did.

The greatest part is that I would become God to this world. It would be shaped at my whimsy. Bwaaahaaaahaaa.

That is possibly the weirdest life cycle ever imagined.

I am going to add a warning to this first post as well. Are you ready ? Ok, here it is.


At times it is possible that I may post links to other websites on this blog. It is probable that some of them may be afilliate links. If you are not using afilliate links on your blog you should. There is every chance that you make a tiny bit of money. Personally I like tiny bits of money. It keeps me in the cruddy lifestyle to which I am accustomed.

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