Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So It Has Come To This...............

It finally got to THAT stage. You know the one. Where things get so bad you just have to do something about it. I finally had to clean the house.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a dirty person. (I just have a dirty mind) However, when you are working 2 jobs, spare time is something in short supply. When you do eventually get that day off, well, things tend not to go as planned. You know that you should be vacuuming, dusting and polishing everything in sight until it sparkles so bright that boats are confused into thinking that your home is a lighthouse, and the airspace above your roof becomes a no fly zone for migrating birds due to the toxic fumes from all the cleaning products. Unfortunately other things tend to come up that are just that little more important.

Yes, the word for it is procrastination. This is something that I am really good at. Actually better than good. Beyond great in fact. I put the pro in procrastination. Well today I could take it no longer. It was time to clean.

I pried open the door to the cleaning cupboard and armed myself with sprays, cloths and all manner of grime busting accoutrements. There was so much hanging from my belt and pockets it became hard to walk. I strode into the living room Clint Eastwood style after a hard days ride. A giant dustbunny rolled across the floor like a tumble weed. Squinting my eyes I mumbled “time to clean up this town”.

Spraying, wiping, sweeping. At one stage I became the Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off. I even fixed that squeaky door. Armed with a can of oil, I looked it straight in the join and said - Feel rusty ? Well, do ya, punk ?

Hours flew by. Uncluttered lounge room, pine fresh toilet, no cobwebs in the hall, crisp clean sheets on the bed, sparkling kitchen with no dishes in the sink, laundry done. Going well. Time to pull a magic trick and make that mould in the shower dissappear. Who you gonna call - Mould Busters. Na na na na na naaaaa. I aint afraid of no mould.

Then my mate called and asked me if I could help him hang a picture. Guess the mould just got a last second reprieve. You can’t let a mate down. Now I just have to machete my way through the jungle that used to be my lawn, to get to my dirty car.

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  1. I deeply enjoyed reading this blog post! And I have to try that clint Eastwood / Karate Kid (and, if I may add: John Wayne/ attitude while cleaning my flat. I ain't afraid of no dust! Never thought of overcoming my decluttering and cleaning procrastination this way-thanks for giving me the idea!


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